Alternating Design

April 2023

Techniques to improve the response in the mid-low frequencies of a distributed system with Curved Arrays consisting of a single woofer module


Recent curved array speaker systems (a.k.a. line array systems) effectively control vertical and horizontal coverage in high-frequency range with array curvature and waveguides. 

However, these systems may radiate relatively strong mid-low frequency sound energy on the sides where the distance from each module is the same.

6-box curved array - octave-band Direct SPL map
on a hemisphere (r=25m)

illustration of the sound radiation
to the Front/Side/Rear of a Curved Array 

radiation pattern when narrowed by array processing (315Hz)

Normal Design / Alternating Design

This behavior can be mitigated by narrowing the vertical radiation pattern in the mid and low frequenciesusing with phase shift techniques, while leaving the high frequencies intact.

Applying this technique alternately to the upper and lower sides (Alternating Design) improves the performance of distributed speaker systems with curved arrays in the mid-low frequency range. 




Appendix 1


Appendix 2